Case Study: Los Angeles

Civic Innovation Lab facilitated a series of hands-on community engagement events aimed at learning the hopes and needs of a diverse group of citizens motivated by their ideas to make the city better. Leveraging the City's open data and the globally tested Learn Do Share / Freedomlab methodology, Civic Innovation Lab broke new ground on the open data movement in Los Angeles.

Launch Event
September 14, 2014

A diverse group of over 150 stakeholders participated in a four-hour workshop discussing city-wide challenges, the process of collectively developing new solutions, and how open data within the City can provide new insights.

Data Discovery
September 15 – October 8, 2014

Using community inputs from the Launch Event, volunteer data specialists analyzed and synthesized the data, which laid the foundation for the three-day Learn Do Share event in October.

Learn Do Share Open Design Session
October 10-12, 2014

Over a three-day event, Civic Innovation Lab engaged a diverse group of citizens in a participatory design process focused on empathy, storytelling, and play in order to craft detailed design challenges.   


Launch Event Data

150 Attendees:
26% entrepreneurs / small business
17% data / technologists
15% non-profits
11% designers
11% educators / students
10% other
5% storytellers
5% policy makers

Resource – click the image to download the Data Set Cards used during the launch event


These cards are merely a sampling of data sets available from the City of Los Angeles. We welcome your feedback on how to improve this resource. What’s missing? How could we expand these data sets? We welcome your comments and suggestions. Contact us.